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1.Scout NiblettJust What I NeededJust Do It/Dinosaur Egg
2.Lorraine EllisonStay With MeStay With Me
3.Dawn Landesi dont need no manFireproof
4.Karen DaltonKatie CruelIn My Own Time
5.Betty Harrisshow itSoul Perfection Plus
6.Annette Snelljust as hooked as i've ever beenDial Records Southern Soul Story
7.SantogoldL.E.S ArtistesI Believe In Santogold
8.Joanie SommersJohnny Get AngryJohnny Get Angry
9.Sandra RhodesSowed Love And Reaped The HeartacheCountry Got Soul Volume 2
10.Aimee MannDear JohnThe Forgotten Arm
11.Lily AllenOh My God (Kaiser Chiefs Cover)Alright Still
12.Helene SmithI Am Controlled By Your LoveEccentric Soul: The Deep City Label
13.The KillsTape SongMidnight Boom
14.Sister SledgeLove Don't You Go Through No Changes On MeStill Paying Our Dues (Kent)
15.The KillsU.R.A. FeverMidnight Boom
16.She & HimSentimental HeartVolume One
17.Lucinda WilliamsRighteouslyWorld Without Tears
18.Scout NiblettDinosaur EggThis Fool Can Die Now

volume 60: vs#4: 18 songs, 57.8 minutes, 80.5 MB